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Buying a Franchise Tips

Things to Do and DO NOT before  Buying a Franchise brand in Spain


The idea of being your own boss, taking control of your  time and own future, has become irresistible for many people.  You know that your success depends only on your  smart choices.

Such important decisions are complex and imply risks.

List of Steps to follow and do not, before buying a Franchise in Spain


  •  Use a Business Transfer Consultant. Business consulting services are free and can be found even contacting us for a non obligation first meeting.  A good Business Transfer consultant will help you specify your objectives. What do you want to accomplish and which of your interests, skills are most relevant to achieving your tasks.
  • Create  business  plan. This is the foundation of your new business franchise. Existing well known franchisees follow the system created by the main company. Anyway, you should have a plan how do you want your business will look like.  What's your sales strategy? How do you monitor and maintain excellent customer service?
  • Do an audit of your franchise compatibility . Are you and your family  ready to make the step and sacrifices? Do you  have the skill sets compatible to the franchise business you want to own?
  • Do a financial audit to assess your financial resources. Get a clear understanding of your risk  Do you have enough savings to fall back on while your franchise business develops?
  • DO research and evaluate your franchises options. A business consultant will help you ask all the right questions and get the answers you need. Do a Marketing targeting to find  who will be your customer?



  • DON'T make your decision too quickly, or too slowly, or too arbitrarily. Remember most of us don't get trained to make decisions. It's not what you decide, it's how you decide.
  • DON'T assume anything. Take control and be proactive in seeking what you want. Stick to your core values and beliefs and the needs of your family. Don't just sit back and watch what comes your way. Think about your long-range goals.
  • DON'T ignore your current situation. What is it about your day to day life you don't like? Why are you considering a change? Will buying a franchise solve the problem?
  • DON'T ignore the tradeoffs of your decision. Will the loss of company benefits, including retirement plans, be outweighed by the upside potential and self-pride rewards that would come from owning your own franchise business?
  • DON'T obsess over your decision. Know when to quit looking. The perfect franchise solution seldom exists. It's important to be careful and thorough in laying out your objectives. Once you've made your decision apply your energies to developing your franchise.

Lastly, work hard to build a good relationship with the franchisor. The franchisor is an asset to your business. Successful franchise owners trust the franchise model and implement current and future business strategies. Your success is a collaborative effort between you and the franchisor. Take charge of your own destiny.